Welcome to Kehräämö online yoga classes!

Take a yoga class, wherever you are; all you need is an Internet connection and a device to log in Kehräämö online classes at Zoom.us interactive virtual surrounding! Check the steps here!

Here is a chance for you to take a yoga class during social distancing, wherever you are. In the midst of a chaotic situation, information flow, anxiety and stress, spiritual practice is a way to stay calm, sound and happy. It´s a way of offering yourself a moment of concentration and relaxation wherever you are, as long as you have at hand a working Internet connection and a device to log in from.
Kehräämö online classes take place in Zoom.us interactive virtual surrounding. You see the teacher and the teacher sees and hears you if you want to make a question or just say hello, but you can also choose to turn off the video camera.
All classes are given in Finnish and in English as required.



Check the schedule for both online classes here.
If you don´t have an account at the Varaaheti booking system, create one at ”Luo tili”. On the same site you find the online shop at ”Prepaid-kortit”, where you can make on-line payments for single classes or for serial cards.
After you´ve registered, at the latest one hour before the class you receive the link to the class in the email. In the email there is an instruction to launch the Zoom application and then join the meeting through your browser.
Please note: the deadline for booking to an online class is two hours and to a morning online class starting before 10 o´clock is 10 hours (fro classes starting at 10 am, book two hours in advance!).



Fees for online classes are the same as for studio classes (check fees here). There are also free meditations in the schedule. No extra fees are charged for using the online surrounding. You can get a single class, serial card for 6 or 12 classes and a monthly pass. No trial cards for 2 weeks are sold for on-line yoga. Besides payments at the on-line shop, we accept payments with Smartum Saldo – mobile and online, Tyky-online, Edenred mobile, EazyBreak and ePassi.
Serials cards are valid: 6 x fir 3 months and 12 x for four months form your first booking with that card. You can check your serial card situation at the Varaaheti booking system, in your own profile, ”Prepaid-kortit”.
Please contact info@kehraamo.fi or Tel +358 50 4408740 for more information!
You can already have a look and launch Zoom at www.zoom.us
See you there!


FOLLOW THESE STEPS for Kehräämö Online classes of Yoga and Meditation:

  • Check that you have a valid serial card or get a single class at the online shop or using any of the above mentioned accepted payment method.
  • Book your class 2 hours in advance, and for classes starting before 10 am, 10 hours in advance ( for classes at 10 am, 2 hours before start)
  • Before class, you receive in your email a link to the Zoom class, with instructions for joining the online class.
  • See you in Zoom!

Join us for your own health and energy!
Need to know more? Ask your questions at
info@kehraamo.fi and Tel 050 4408740

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